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Discount Music Center's ROCK SCHOOL helps musicians or non-musicians who are starting out make that dream become a reality. We put together like-minded people at the same levels of experience, provide great music for them to play, and match them with a seasoned professional musician and teacher who helps them practice their set for a live performance.

It all culminates with a PERFORMANCE where your child takes center stage to live out their musical dreams in front of family and friends. Performances will be held weekly during all Summer Camp sessions on Fridays!
The performances will take place on a HUGE stage with a phenomenal lighting system, fog machines and huge sound system for your kids to JAM out on and to perform the songs they have learned. Discount Music Center's ROCK SCHOOL students learn music by making music. They start playing on the first day of the session and improve daily as individual musicians and as a band. Each musician has an opportunity to expand his or her musical potential while having fun playing with other musicians.

Discount Music Centers' ROCK SCHOOL offers music lessons-in popular music styles like rock, blues, pop and funk.

ROCK SCHOOL music lessons are different and exciting. ROCK SCHOOL sessions teach instrument instruction, keyed to the experience and ability of each group. Below is a list of music and performance skills covered in a School of Rock music lesson:

Listening: To play in a band, you have to hear what is going on—both in your own playing and in others   

Dynamics: How you and your band mates can vary your sound to make your music as exciting as possible

Tempo & Groove: Learn how to keep time! Get a groove going—and keep it going

Soloing: How to improvise a terrific solo on guitar and other instruments

Understanding Song Forms: Knowledge and application of various music styles ranging from 12-bar blues, contemporary, and rock-n-roll

Playing Together: Lots of other tips and tricks for creating a real “band” sound—and having a blast in the process. 

Confidence: As children learn their School of Rock music lessons they learn to play on stage and integrate with other children.

Your child gets Guitar Lessons (Electric guitar and Bass), Drum Lessons, & Keyboard Lessons !!!

Have you ever seen a program with Playstation 2's, and Nintendo Gamecubes? Well we have it! Your kids will LOVE it! We also have ROCK BAND, Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero 3 and a large movie room with big screens to play them on!!! Ping Pong Table and Air Hockey is also available. WOW!!


Ages 7 to Adult are welcome!

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